The Jing Orb™ is a powerful device with the unique ability to increase your vitality, starting at the cellular level.

This Vitality is also described as Life Force, Bio Electricity, BioEnergy, and Jing.

This is a missing factor from most health and wellness programs…and is the foundation for our cells repair process and thus the body’s healing process to work most effectively. All other aspects of health and wellness programs assist that healing process to proceed once the cellular repair process has been “jump-started”.
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It has the unique ability to rejuvenate all of your cells, increasing their voltage and improving their genetic expression. Additionally, the results are truly holistic bringing balance and peacefulness in mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

One major benefit of restoring cellular voltage is the direct effect on the cells' ability to take in nutrients and eliminate toxins. For this reason, this technology was initially recognized as a powerful detoxification protocol. The cells are enabled to release the toxins and the natural organs of elimination such as the bowel, kidneys, lungs, and skin are able to move these released toxins out of the body.

Jing is described in Chinese Medicine as your Life Force Energy or Essence. When we run out of Jing we run out of time. The Jing Orb™ is one of the few tools available to replenish Jing.

By starting with this increase in Vital / Jing Energy, everything we do to benefit ourselves will result in significantly improved results.

How does it feel when using the Jing Orb™?

The Experience of using the Jing Orb varies with users but its use is truly holistic bringing balance and peacefulness in mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

The Jing Orb™ increases our Vitality, but the way it feels is not a sense of jitteriness or stimulation. Most people report a sense of peacefulness, wellbeing, and calm.

Here is a video of Jing Orb™ users sharing their experience.