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In a Master’s Presence (DVD)

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In a Master’s Presence ( La Présence d'un Maître )

run time 104 minutes
In 1937, in Paris, a man came from Bulgaria with a simple idea. Although he didn’t know anyone and could hardly speak French, he wanted to make the teaching of Peter Deunov, his spiritual master, known to the francophones. Peter Deunov of whom Einstein said: “Everybody bows before me, but I bow before Peter Deunov

From 1937 to 1985, through more than 5,000 lectures given mainly in France, Canada and Switzerland, and read today worldwide, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986) will teach the secret that is shared by all human traditions: humans already possess within themselves everything that they search outside of themselves.

He will be one of the few masters to pass on for more than 50 years a spirituality intended for westerners, undogmatic and so entirely free. Although largely unknown to the public at large, he will inspire hundred of thousands of people worldwide among whom, renowned experts Wayne Dyer or Georg Feuerstein, one of the biggest world specialists of yoga.

Aesthetic work filmed in HD and illustrated with timeless musical works, In a Master’s Presence is the first film ever made on Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Shot over three years on several continents , it brings together his teaching extracts and moving accounts of people who have discovered thanks to this Master, their hidden dimension and deeper meaning of their existence.

A film directed by Emy Tamko and written by Hubert Mansion.
A Gamahaé Inc production.

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