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In-Person Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis

2019 East Coast Tour

Each 10-, 20- or 30-minute phone session includes:
•    Soul reading
•    Aura clearance
•    Chakra balancing
•    Question(s) answered

Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit, uniquely personal for you. Feel accelerated and invested with greater light, divine joy and beingness.

Also offered is a 5-minute blessing with an etheric talisman, which releases a charge of light from the Holy Spirit.

Prices for US and Canada

5-minute session: $33

10-minute session: $72 USD

20-minute session: $144 USD

30-minute session: $200 USD

1-hour session: $333 USD

Prices for Mexico, Central and South America is half the regular price unless special arrangements are made.

1-Hour Expanded - $166.50
20-Minute SRS - $72
10-Minute SRS - $36
5-Minute SRS - $16.50

Note - To guarantee you preferred day and time you must prepay with a credit card. If you schedule an appointment and choose to pay cash onsite (don't complete payment) your appointment may be taken by someone else who pays by credit card and we will have to reschedule you.

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If you require help with your order, please call 312-253-7600 or email

Session Guidelines

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to give yourself time to check-in with David's assistant and prepare for your session with some prayer and meditation.

You may ask one and only one question during the session.

You may not ask about the identity of your twin flame, soul mates or what your divine plan is.

In order to give everyone a chance to receive a blessing we are asking that people not schedule two sessions during this event.

The Holy Spirit prefers that people not take notes during the session in order to remain completely present and focused on listening and experiencing the blessing.

You are encouraged to drink 1-2 glasses of pure water, preferably spring or purified water, after the session to help absorb and assimilate the light released and the action of any clearance that occurs.

Within 1 week an audio recording of your Soul Raising Session will be available for you to download or listen to from a link in the email you were sent with your order.


What Question May I Ask?

 It is very important that you engage in deep introspection through meditation, silence, stillnesss and attunement to find a question that is essential to your soul. This is not about what you should be doing, where you should live, work, be with, etc. The question you ask, when addressed by the Holy Spirit, will provide an impetus and the divine stimuli for you to make greater progress on your spiritual path, your path as a disciple, a devotee, an initiate. In The Hearts Center community, we work on personal self-realization and enlightenment because we know we are initiates. We know we have to do the work and dig deeper. The more we attune to our Divine Presence, the more we receive instruction through intuition, the greater our sensitivity becomes, the greater the sacred gifts of the Holy Spirit may be endowed upon us and vouchsafed to us so that our lives may truly be sublime and we can live gloriously in oneness with God in our Divine Self. Formulate your question in this light.


How Do I Access the Audio Recording of My Session?

When you purchased your session you were sent an email with the subject line of:

"Instructions for Accessing Soul-Raising Session Recording"

This email contains a link to the audio recording of your session.

If you require help with your audio recording , please email or call 312-253-7600.


Experience the Power of the Holy Spirit
During your session, wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The spiritual radiance flowing to you will be personal for you. The session will bring you joy and a sense of support and upliftment as well as relief from burdens such as frustration or anxiety. Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

You Are Raised Up
The blessing, the encouragement and the soul raising is facilitated in such a way that you can expand it and help others. It is not just about your own soul raising. You are raised up so that you can raise others up. That is the magnanimous nature of each one of these blessings.

These sessions will assist you to…
Be even more expressive of your true Self
Have a greater sense of your purpose and mission
 Reconnect to the sense of who you truly are as a spiritual being
Draw upon greater divine resources
Utilize the dynamics of alchemy in your work and service

The aura clearance works on many levels to…
Consume karmic records from past lives
Dissolve the seed of current issues in your personal health and well-being
Free your cellular memories, your soul memory and your psyche


What people are saying about their Soul-Raising Sessions
Exhilarating, uplifting, and illuminating!  I have had many Soul-Raising Sessions and the inevitable outcome of each one is an exponential surge in consciousness. Every session has yielded a life-changing result, both within and without, to move me forward on my path.     –N.R.

Very practical and tailored to my personal situation. The Holy Spirit gave me a spiritual boost.  I felt empowered to work out the solution to a vexing physical challenge.      –R.B.

Phenomenal! I learned more about how to use my soul qualities in the highest and most dynamic ways to affect my personal life and the world.
The keys I gained have accelerated the God-consciousness and awareness within my being.
 –D. F.  

I felt understood and encouraged, in a unique way, for the first time.  –M.P.





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