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Heavenly Healing eBook

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Heavenly Healing and Truffles of Truth:

Teachings on Spiritual Wholeness Shared in the Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters

By Lady Francesca (Nancy Freaner)
Received by David Christopher Lewis
eBook 95 pages Includes beautiful art work by The Hearts Center's creative arts team​.

Nancy Freaner, now Lady Francesca, shares her view of life from the heaven world after her ascension on July 18, 2014. As a physical therapist and spiritual initiate, Nancy spent many years selflessly tending to the well-being of her patients, family and friends. In this volume, Nancy shares new insights into the healing retreats and modalities in the etheric realms.

In the healing retreats, the light of love is present within every healing modality to bring people to the state of feeling loved, appreciated, valued and whole.

When we get back to the center of being, where we feel that wholeness, where there is nothing in us that is not of God, we release all the burdens, the substance, the mind-sets, the emotions and the feelings that have brought us down or given us a sense of limitation or that we’re less than perfect.

We enter the creative processes of God through the portal of love, for love is the means whereby we have the ongoing communion with our Creator, with the source of all love and light.

When we become subsumed into this state of being through love, then true healing manifests, and oneness and wholeness exist.

Mother Mary and Hilarion speak of Nancy’s great givingness in service to life through her love and how we, too, can return to the heart of the One.

Members of Nancy’s heartfriend community share their appreciation of Nancy’s life in loving memory of their cherished time with her.


This book was create in honor of Lady Francesca, proceeds from the book will help support Meru University​.



by Lady Francesca

The Fruits of Friendship with God. the Fragrance of Freedom and the Flowers of Fellowship

Temple Hospitals of Light in the Heaven World

As Within, So Without: Through Inner Work We Transform the Outer World

A Sacred Healing Session in the Retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

What We Do as an Individual Affects the Whole of Creation


by Mother Mary and Hilarion

The Timing of One’s Eternal Union Is Always Fulfilled According to Cosmic Cycles: Your Beloved Sister Nancy Is Preparing for Her Ascension
A Daughter of God Is Returning to the Heart of the One: Beloved Nancy and I Will Move Heaven and Earth to Establish a Focus of Healing Light


Remembrances sharedby Heartfriends during Nancy’s ascension service






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