My Cell Armor Wristband - EMF Protection - Black

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My Cell Armor Wristband - EMF Protection

by Frequency Flow
10 1/2 by 1 inch by 1/8 thick

What exactly does the My Cell Armor (MCA) technology do?

The My Cell Armor technology was originally formulated to stabilize the body’s cells against the harmful impact that WiFi and Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) have on our body’s cells.  The MCA company has scientifically proven that MCA does exactly that, but in the process it does so much more.  In 100% of the people that have been tested, MCA reduces the biological age of the body’s cells, and also activates skeletal muscle mass (SMM) not previously being used.  MCA attributes this last component to the amazing increases seen in performance (strength and endurance) in so many of their clients.  All scientific claims for My Cell Armor wristbands are the direct result of information provided by an FDA cleared, type 2 medical device known as a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).


How much should I wear the My Cell Armor (MCA) Wristband to gain the greatest benefit?

Ongoing testing with the BIA equipment has proven that, for many people, there is a cumulative, positive effect on the body’s cells from wearing MCA 24/7.  In other words, people tested with MCA after having worn the wristband for several weeks experience higher positive numbers than when they first put the wristband on.  Therefore, other than showering or swimming, MCA advises all their clients to wear the wristband as much as possible.

Can I shower or swim wearing my wristband?

No.  The wristbands are water resistant to protect the Chips from sweat but they have not been tested after exposure to chlorine.  So, do not swim or shower wearing your wristband.

Can I place My Cell Armor (MCA) in my bra or in a pocket?

Yes!  MCA is totally safe to wear on any area of the anatomy.  In their experience the moment the technology comes in contact with the human body, there is an immediate positive impact, regardless of where the technology is placed.


Will I notice an immediate difference when I put My Cell Armor (MCA) Wristband on?

Generally, no.  Most people do not notice a difference immediately when they put the wristband on.  However, the second that wristband comes in contact with your skin MCA starts working.  Most people don’t notice the harmful effects of WiFi, but it is happening.  People generally start to notice after a couple of hours, depending on any specific issues they might have.  Everyone is different but MCA has evidence that the MCA technology is benefiting your body, at a cellular level, the moment you put it on your wrist.

How does this differ from all the other items out there – like magnets and copper items?  They are a lot cheaper.

My Cell Armor is different from other, less expensive products on the market, in the following ways:

MCA tests it’s technology with FDA cleared medical devices. MCA has used Heart Rate Variability, Thermography, Electrodermal Screening and, most recently, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to prove/verify every claim MCA makes about My Cell Armor Wristbands.

Magnets and Copper items do certain things to the human anatomy but neither of these items have been proven to protect the body’s cells against the harmful effects of WiFi/EMFs, reduce a person’s biological age or increase Skeletal Muscle Mass.  In 100% of the people tested, from age 12 to 71, My Cell Armor wristbands have proven to fulfill on each and every one of those claims.

A great deal of time, money and research has gone into the development of My Cell Armor to create a product that does all the things that MCA claims that it does. MCA stand behind their guarantee of My Cell Armor.

Medical Disclaimer

MCA cannot make any medical claims regarding the performance of their technology.  MCA has testimonials from people all over the world that suffer from many different physical ailments that seem to be impacted, in a positive way, by MCA.  Please consult with your physician and alert them to the MCA website, so that they can give you an informed decision regarding your use of MCA.


Letter to Clients from Mike Flynt
CEO Frequency Flow