Angels of the Rainbow coloring book

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back coverA Coloring Book of Angels of the Rainbow


Soft cover 8.5 x 11 coloring book created by heartfriends Nancy Kolze and Alvera Kubal.


Now your child can make friends with the Angels!

Angels are our very real guardians and servants. Presented in this delightful little 18-page coloring book are historical and scriptural angels, who are known to have interacted with people. They have shown us some of their special qualities, and the verses included teach children about each unique angel. As the verses rhyme, they are easy to memorize when read by, or read to, children of all ages. It is fun to learn these seven angels’ favorite color rays and what they signify – even more fun to color them in full 8.5 x 11 size!

The seven angels in this book are very prominent angels acting on earth, yet there are billions, trillions, and more. Also, every child can be taught to listen to and commune with his/her own guardian angel (We each have one.) and to reinforce that close, personal lifelong relationship.

In a time when everything is unrealistically super-sized, including “superheros” who are not real characters or beings at all, it is good to know there are real, living angels children can rely on and trust as true friends. Divine Reality, accessible in our daily lives, beats fantasy every time.

Thank you for opening this door to what appears “magical”, yet is actually very present spiritual reality, by providing your child with a lovely coloring book of Angels of the Rainbow.