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Amethyst Hearts

Item #: 3200-3-0013
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Amethyst Hearts



Amethyst: 1" length  X 1/4" thick


During our 2017 Mount Shasta event, Jesus, through David Christopher Lewis ,charged these amethyst hearts with “great emissive ampoules of cosmic light.” Jesus said these will “refashion the Earth for the new era and give birth within you to something more amazing every day—more spontaneous with the Holy Spirit’s suggestions and inspirations, more flavorful within the angels’ presence in your midst.”

He also said “if you choose to henceforth also use these talismans wherever you go—even, for a few of you, placing replicas or additional hearts where you are inspired to leave them here and there around the world—the same dispensation of light will manifest. When you say these words with heart and intention, then we will reactivate each talisman with the radiance of God-power that you feel now and that you will continue to know as you move closer and closer to that oneness state of your own perfected beingness in God.”


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