GIA Heart Pendant

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GIA Heart Pendant

The GIAlife Pendant has been designed as a body-worn, bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday debilitating stress, including energetic stress triggered by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure. Experience for yourself the pendant’s unique energy support qualities, which have already impacted thousands of people’s wellness journies across the world.

Product Overview

Stress acts as an age accelerator, as well as compromises our wellness and our body’s natural resistance to negative influences. One of the major external stressors in our environment is Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The GIAlife Pendant employs the proprietary ERT™ technology to provide you with a bioenergetic resource to help deal with debilitating stress.

Product Benefits

When using the revolutionary GIAlife Pendant, you’ll experience for yourself its unique energy enhancement qualities.

  • Supports natural energy
  • Supports mental & physical performance, especially under pressure
  • Reinforces your ability to energetically function in EMF/EMR-saturated environments
    Discover what body-worn “Inspired Energy” feels like!