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Fortuna's Reserve Fund

Activate The Miraculous, The Magical and The Mysterious within your life,

when you invest in The Hearts Center Community

Answering Fortuna’s call to action!

“I am Fortuna and I come this day to invest within the lives of devotees throughout the world, frequencies of God abundance and divine essences of the Emerald Ray”.  Support our Beloved Fortuna’s investment by supporting The Hearts Center through your donation to our Reserve Fund.


FORTUNA’S DISPENSATION with Our Lady of Cosmic Abundance

I am Fortuna and I come this day to invest within the lives of devotees throughout the world certain frequencies of God abundance and divine essences of the Emerald Ray.

It is Fortuna’s desire and great joy to bring the riches of the Spirit as well as the abundant life to many upon Earth who call to God for what they require to meet the human needs of themselves, their families and others.

For those who are at some point struggling to maintain harmony and balance and find resolution to the equations involved in your day-to-day life, as you both receive and give the coin of the realm to pay your debts to life, your bills or expenses, invoke me and invoke the blessed Mother Mary as Our Lady of Cosmic Abundance with your heart and feel and know a greater intuitive ability to maintain the harmonic state of the Presence with God within you. For this is what will allow you to maintain that abundant life at deeper and wider levels of expansion and effulgence.

I do indeed bring this day a resource pool of God-abundance into physicality through the lives of those who have put God first. And therefore, Angels of the sacred fire now dispense unto many within this movement the dispensations of light and graces that I have sought in answer to your calls: the abundance of Golden liquid light and the Emerald Ray qualities, which will precipitate directly into your actionable work and even your bank accounts, the miraculous, the mysterious and the magical for you to know that God is present.

Blaze forth the Emerald light now! Coalesce, coalesce, coalesce now within The Hearts Center movement the alchemy of divine spiritual fire for the teams, the heartfriends, their service, and the greater collectivity of the Universal White Brotherhood,  sponsoring projects and initiatives and God desires within this movement so that each one has what is required of that abundant life in the here and now and not at some distant point, unreachable and beyond the threshold of human existence. 

May the graces of these Emerald rays that I have codified within this realm for each of you, who would be true to your source and true to yourself, flow and continue to flow, as you pray, as you purify, and as I have shared, to place the Lord God first and foremost in your consciousness and within your vision and within your life.



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