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Field Trip to the Silver Skull Complex

Monday, June 21, 2021
We will meet Julie in Boulder, MT at 11:00 am.
Transportation on your own
Bring your own bag lunch
Price: $30

Post-Event Field Trip (rain or shine)

On Monday, June 21, join Julie Ryder of Montana Megaliths to explore the sacred site of the Silver Skull, Dyatic Presence Skull and Falcon’s Lookout. Powerful vortexes are positioned on earth energy grid lines at these ancient sites: Montana Earth Energy Grid

We will meet Julie in Boulder, MT (about a 1 hour and 40 minute drive from Livingston) at 11:00 am. From there we will drive about a mile to the site. We will picnic there (bring your own bag lunch) and Lanello will give a discourse about the ancient civilization under Giant's Playground , a site nearby that we visited with Julie in 2019. We will do an offering to the spirits of the land and you can bring anything from nature you would like to offer, including small crystals. You can also bring a musical instrument (drum, shakers, flute, etc.) to play during the offering.

Julie will tell us about the Silver Skull and the Dyatic Presence Skull and then we will take a short hike to Falcon Lookout. Above Falcon Lookout is Daniel’s Destiny, which is a very steep climb and an option only for any strong and agile hikers. See the conference program for the field trip schedule.



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