Onsite Attendance - An Autumn Equinox Celebration of Light in Mount Shasta

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Onsite Attendance

An Autumn Equinox Celebration of Light in Mount Shasta
With Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, Omri-Tas and Arcturus

Jewel in the Lotus Retreat Center

Mount Shasta, CA

September 21–24, 2023

Mount Shasta—The Place of Great Encounters
Guy Ballard aka Godfre Ray King met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of 1930 on Mount Shasta. Ninety-Three years after that special encounter we will be gathering on this mystical mountain. David Christopher Lewis said there will be a wonderful new infusion of light and energy at our event and Saint Germain is excited about what’s going to happen!
Saint Germain has been a palpable presence to many devotees in Mount Shasta since the early 20th century. So come to this sacred place where many journey to escape their worldly burdens for a time or even to stay for the rest of their lives. Feel a deep closeness to something beyond yourself, something magical, mystical, holy.

A Celebration with the Ascended Masters
On Thursday, beloved Saint Germain and Portia speak of the miraculous work of freedom’s flame as a light-action that will move us through the current times all the way to greater and greater victory! Lessons of light from the Violet Planet by beloved Omri-Tas and Govinas on the following day will assist us in passing the tests on our initiatic journey.

Are you desiring a time of solace with beloved Kuan Yin? Our Bodhisattva will bless you in mercy’s grace through an amethyst crystal heart during our Saturday session. On Sunday, re-energized and rejuvenated, you will engage in planetary transmutation with beloved Arcturus and Victoria.

Jewel in the Lotus—a Perfect Venue
Each day begins with outdoor Paneurhythmy on the idyllic property of our venue, the Jewel in the Lotus Retreat Center. This 11-acre retreat is home to a seven-foot statue of Kuan Yin, a gazebo, a lake, three waterfalls, and lush green meadowlands. Surrounded in nature’s beauty and in the presence of angels and masters, your soul can connect more deeply, reach greater heights of divine communion.

Enjoy Our Afternoon Outings
On Friday afternoon meet us at Lake Siskiyou Beach, located on the southwest side of the lake, facing majestic Mount Shasta. Lake Siskiyou offers panoramic views of the incredible Shasta National Forest with opportunity for hiking, swimming or simply relaxing by the lake.

On Saturday take a gentle hike on beautiful Panther Meadow, the rare sub-alpine meadow on Mount Shasta where Guy Ballard, aka Godfre Ray King, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of 1930. We will walk an easy one-mile trail across the meadow starting at the Upper Meadow Trailhead, elevation 7700 feet, and gradually descend alongside the cascading Panther Creek to Lower Panther Meadow.

Join Our Celebration of Light
Our time together in Mount Shasta concludes with a magnificent Group Soul-Raising Session with the Holy Spirit, a tradition now at every conference. Yes, plan to be there for a great encounter with Saint Germain during our autumn equinox celebration in Mount Shasta!

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