Onsite Attendance - 2023 Summer: Freedoms Flame in Chicago and America

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Onsite Attendance

2023 Summer Solstice Conference

Let Freedom’s Flame and Divine Love Burn Brightly in Chicago and America!

Carmelite Spiritual Center

Darien, Illinois

June 16-19

Revitalizing the Heart Chakra of America!
What a thrill to know you are infusing revitalizing light into the heart chakra of America because you have chosen to be in Chicago, Saint Germain’s town, for four days in June! Chicago requires your presence, your prayers, your vision of this city as a city of light today more than ever.

A Retreat Experience Bathed in the Flame of Freedom and Love
Be completely immersed in the love of the many masters who will heartstream during our summer solstice event. A retreat experience par excellence, you will feel the holiness of our venue upon stepping through its doors. With the mission of creating a space where individuals may come to deepen their relationship with God, the Carmelite Spiritual Center offers beauty and serenity.

One can feel in its corridors, meeting rooms and campus the spirit of Essene community life. In fact, the origin of the Carmelite Order can be traced back to the 12th century and Mount Carmel in northwestern Israel, adjacent to the little-known Essene community that thrived in that location many years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the conference, the stirring harp music of Nicolas Carter will surround us in heaven’s bliss—sometimes taking us to a place of deeper peace, other times lifting us out of our seats to move to the joyful rhythms of Paraguayan folk melodies. The harp is the instrument of the heart chakra, remember?

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