Lodging and Meals - 2023 Summer: Freedoms Flame in Chicago and America

Price: $470.00
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Lodging and Meals

Our event at the Carmelite Spiritual Center is a retreat experience. The Center offers either a package of lodging and meals or a commuter price, which includes meals for the four days of the event, if you are lodging elsewhere. There are no options for daily rates or for attendance without meals. 

Rates for four nights, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun; and 11 meals, B/L/D for Fri, Sat, Sun; Breakfast/lunch for Mon): 

  • Single occupancy: $625
  • Double occupancy, per person: $470
  • Commuter/meals per person: $350
  • Children 12 years old and under: $313 lodging, $175 commuter
  • Children 2 years old and under: no charge

No tax is charged as the center is a non-profit.

Information About the Lodging
The bedrooms are simple retreat-style rooms. Each room has two twin beds, a desk, lamps, nightstand, private bathroom with shower and individually controlled units for heating and air conditioning. All bathrooms have grab bars in the showers and next to the toilet. Indicate when you register if you require a shower with a seat and hand-held shower head.

No more than 2 people are allowed per room.

Your room number will be emailed to you after the rooms have been assigned. One week before the event you will be emailed the entry code to the main entrance of the Carmelite Spiritual Center.

If you register for the double occupancy lodging and meals package, indicate who your roommate will be.

If you would like help finding a roommate, email lodging@heartscenter.org.

Rules for Lodging at the Carmelite Spiritual Center

  • No food or drinks permitted in the sleeping rooms at any time.
  • No lighted candles allowed in the building.
  • No smoking allowed in the building.

Information About the Meals
Our meals will be prepared according to Medical Medium dietary guidelines, which excludes meat, shellfish, gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, canola oil, hydrogenated oil, preservatives or chemicals. The meals are home-cooked and will include fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, gluten-free grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oils, and honey.

Check-In and Check-Out
Check-in at the Carmelite Spiritual Center is on Thursday, June 15, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Dinner is on your own.

Instructions if you arrive after 6:00 pm

  • The entrance doors will be locked. Please use the entry code emailed to you one week prior to the conference to enter.
  • If you lose the entry code, look for a sign on the door with the name and phone number of the person to call for the code.
  • The room keys of those in our group who have yet to check in will be on the front desk counter along with a room chart. Registrants will have been given their room assignments before the event. When you take the your key please sign your initials by your name on the room chart.

Overnight room check-out at the Carmelite Spiritual Center is at 9:30 am, Monday, June 19.
A safe place will be available to store your luggage until the event ends after lunch.
Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm and departure time from the venue is 2:00 pm.

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