What are Discipleship Sessions?

They are 20-minute personal sessions overshined by El Morya, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Jesus, Melchizedek or Mother Mary. These sessions are an opportunity to interact directly with a master through David Christopher Lewis to assist you on your path to the ascension

What are the requirements to qualify for these sessions?

  • That you are in the Holy Order of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame in good standing
  • That you tithe regularly, 6 or more times per year. New tithers must have tithed twice to qualify for a session.

How do I get to the order page?

First, login. When you visit the Discipleship Sessions category, you will see an option to schedule a session.

I require help!

For any issues with Discipleship Sessions, please call 406-333-7172, or email us at store@heartscenter.org.