Multi-media Fund Donation

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The Multi-Media Fund

Support Lanello’s Desire for the Creation of Original Hearts Center Music. You can help provide the funds for the talented musicians we have in our community to compose, arrange and orchestrate the accompaniments that we require for the songs we would like to record.

This Restricted Multi-Media Fund supports the Multi-Media / IT Team in all of it's endeavors including:

- Recording of the Masters words and our events in audio and video format.

- 24/7 Video streaming on YouTube

- 24/7 Audio Interneta Radio Broadcast

- Website, online audio of Masters, store - maintenance and upgrading

- Local AV at conferences, pilgrimages, and events, broadcasts over the internet, vigils, CD creation, DVD creation, and other IT support of the rest of the teams

What does Restricted mean?
Your funds will only be used for the specific fund objectives and/or team designated.
Your charitable donation is tax deductible within the USA and you will be sent a summary
receipt of your donations after year end.

Please consider also helping the day-to-day operations of The Hearts Center by
making generous contributions to the General Fund.

Thank you for your support of the Multi-Media Fund !