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Ceramic Buddha Bust

10 lbs 16"h x 8.0"w x 8"
Price $75.00

This smiling, meditating Buddha exudes a delighful expression of Perfect Presence. Ceramic fired, there are a multitude of tiny
superficial cracks, a technique employed to give it that antique feel of a treasured artifact. This is a contemporary piece whose value lies
in the accomplished artistry that created a facial countenance that imparts that enlightened state of simply resting in the
beatitude of the awakened one.

Crowned with a head covering festooned with tiny blossoms, are they flower buds or gems? Certainly a classic symbol of the
Buddhas whose enlightenment blossoms forth as radiant joy that blesses all within the expanded aura of such a one.

This bust has taken up temporary residence in the Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston while its next, rightful owner identifies
him or herself . In fact, it is strategically placed just opposite and facing where our presiding ministerial messenger delivers the
inspired word. So you could say this focus of the Buddha and its material substance is absorbing some measure of talismanic,
darshanic light. Perhaps we here in Livingston have to exercise the Buddhic virtue of non-attachment, before we get too
"attached" to having this Buddha staying right where he is. The buyer is encouraged to step up to purchasing this object d'art
before that should happen.

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