Walk While You Have the Light

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Walk While You Have the Light

by Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Paperback: 198 pages

‘Life is a long chain of moments that have to be lived with awareness one after the other.
All the efforts you make are recorded in the book of life, on high, and thanks to these efforts, many, many blessings are being prepared for you. When you receive them and you ask, “Why am I receiving these presents?”, you will be told, “Because, as a result of your work, you have risen to the regions of light, and you have also brought light and peace to beings who were in darkness and distress.”
There is nothing more I can tell you. Keep walking the path of light. And what will be at the end of the path? You will find out when you arrive, and you will be dazzled.’

Table of contents

1 - So you will never again have to say, ‘If only I had known’
2 - ‘Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’
I - The symbolism of right and left
II - The two hands of God
3 - The programme for the day and the programme for eternity
4 - ‘Do not worry about tomorrow’
5 - Only the present belongs to us
6 - Before the sun goes down
7 - Passing over to the next world
8 - Unlimited life
9 - The meaning of funeral rites
10 - Our relationship to our family spirits
11 - What is God’s will?
12 - Serving the divine Principle
13 - Climbing to the Lord’s altar
14 - Keep walking!
15 - On the threshold of a new year

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