Vocal Medicine: Transformation Through Sound Book

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Vocal Medicine: Transformation Through Sound

by Kathleen M Karlsen
Paperback 186 pages
Reforge your heart with mantras! The power of sound through the voice is one of the most effective tools readily available to each of us for healing, empowerment and enlightenment. In Vocal Medicine Kathleen Karlsen shares engaging stories of her personal journey with mantras, chanting, and kirtan, and provides a fascinating look at the ancient history and future potential of these practices.

Topics include mantras as formulas for psychological and emotional freedom; the role of chanting in supporting physical health; studies of the impact of singing on the brain; and the complementary use of visualization and sacred art.

Vocal Medicine features thirty beautiful illustrations as well as the lyrics and scores for twenty-two traditional and original chants emphasizing the divine feminine, selfless love, inner peace, and the attainment of personal victories. Companion recordings are available online.