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Transforming Everyday Conflict

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Transforming Everyday Conflict

Tools, Tips, and Roadmaps to Better Communication and Stronger Relationships
by Alberta Fredricksen


Paperback 136 pages


 "The most complete and comprehensive book on conflict resolution I've ever read." -Michael Angier, founder of SuccessNet.org, author of The Achievement Code Conflict is not a negative experience to be avoided at all costs. Conflict is a normal, natural part of life that can impart important gifts and strengthen relationships. Your experience of conflict may be stressful and frustrating only because few of us have been taught how to effectively manage everyday conflict into something new and positive. What if you could transform your fear of conflict into confidence that you can effectively handle conflict arising in your life or career?


This book reveals:

  • The common cause of conflict
  • How to find opportunity for creating something new in the midst of conflict
  • What to say and do in step-by-step guides with sample language
  • Tips to maintain your equilibrium in stressful situations
  • How to respond when conflict spurs anger Simple ways to problem-solve with others in family, business or community"