The Pilgrim’s Victory

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The Pilgrim’s Victory

Memoirs of Joseph Genito 1940 – 2016
By Kathleen Wilkins
Softcover 496

The book began over 30 years ago when Joseph worked as a shepherd for the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana. After reading The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan, Joseph knew he must write a book to continue where Bunyan had left off, and share higher truth with the world.

The autobiography contains Joseph’s recollections of The Summit Lighthouse in the early 1970s when La Tourelle and Mark Prophet were active. It is a treasure trove of detailed spiritual teachings about elemental life, the spiritual path, what it was like being a member of the Messenger’s permanent staff for over 20 years, and how life is lived with one’s third eye opened.

In a past life,* Joseph was the Indian Swami Premananda, a close disciple of nineteenth-century Ramakrishna. When comparing Joseph’s picture on the front cover with the photo of the swami, at first I didn’t see the likeness. However, looking at Joseph’s picture taken in the Holy Land, when he was new to the Teachings, the resemblance was striking. The shape of the face, the eyes, ears and overall expression were similar.

The intense gaze and fiery eyes on the front cover of The Pilgrim’s Victory happened after Joseph had used the Science of the Spoken Word for a number of years!

Since age of 16, Joseph had constant visions of a girl he would someday meet and marry. In 1990, it came true when he married his true love and twin flame, Virginia. It was the first time he felt whole, although he thought he was before that.

A fiery gnome determined to make his ascension announced one day that he was sitting next to Joseph as he washed the dishes at Pasadena. A sphere of light had a small man who sat inside it. “My name is Ra Moose. I’m tough as nails, and I’m going to make my ascension.” When Joseph asked Ra Moose for help, it seemed the dishes almost washed themselves and were done in no time.

The most interesting part of the book was how Joseph met life challenges with the love of Christ, responded to an unfair accusation with humility, reacted to discipline by the Messenger with peace and understanding, was constant to the spiritual path over many decades, and rarely, if ever, let down his guard. He daily confronted world evil in prayer and decrees.

Near the end of his life came extreme health challenges which included constant pain, difficulty breathing, and blindness. Yet nothing stole his joy, his love of Christ in his fellow man, or his devotion to the Teachings and the Messenger.

I highly recommend this book. It changed my life.

*Mark Prophet confirmed that Joseph was also Saint George in a previous incarnation.