The Immortal Now

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The Immortal Now:

The Ascension and the Nature of the Present Time

by Patricia Grabow



From the Author, Patricia Grabow: "I never thought I would die in London, England. On June 16th, 1980, I was killed in an automobile accident there, and what I experienced was a state of love to the millionth power. I was very much alive. What I discovered was that there is no life, death, heaven, as we have thought of them. There is only life in the present moment, and the place -- free of fear and enshrouded in love -- is within each one of us all of the time -- within The Immortal Now."


"Never has this information been more critical to each one of us than in this time of turmoil the globe over. The physical transition of the planet; the terrible pull towards tribalism as backlash in an age of enlightenment. Now more than ever we need to understand the compassionate and loving creative part we will all play in the shaping of the future and the exciting discovery process within the consciousness within the individual." —Rosie Porter, Author, Alaskan Newspaper Publisher


"The Immortal Now' is, in every sense, a revolutionary work which redefines the interrelationships of the individual, the world, and the universe in a way that is both new and compelling." —Jay Booth, Author/University Professor

About the Author
Patricia Grabow's death experience was the beginning of a new life that at the time did not seem possible. Her earlier life had led her from upbringings in Montana to travels in Asia, high school in the Pacific, university in the West and mid-West, a first marriage in Washington, D.C. and a second chiefly in Alaska, where she worked in Native education in Anchorage and throughout small villages in the remote interior. Patricia holds a Master's degree in education and has been a teacher, school administrator and a drug and alcohol counselor while also raising three rambunctious boys. She is the author of three other books which were generated after her accident: Passage from Fear, Passage from Karma and The Immortal Now. Patricia currently lives in Montana.


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