The Etheric Crystal

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The Etheric Crystal: The Third Tunnel

Book 7 in the Transylvania Series
by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon
Paperback 281
The Etheric Crystal - The Third Tunnel concludes both a numerological cycle (cycle 7) and offers the mystery of the last tunnel in the chamber beneath the (Romanian) sphinx, left unexplored by the author until 2015.

After their expedition, this volume makes a very interesting turn, directing Radu to spawn special project which attracts a unique collaboration of characters, both from the underground city of Apellos but also with the American side. Also, for the first time in almost 14 years, Radu Cinamar offers us some additional conversations and collaboration with the enigmatic Elinor, the quintessential alchemist, who becomes deeply involved with the new project.

The book also presents a key piece of information, long debated and considered until now an unsolved mystery, which refers to the real origin of the Moon. Everything is explained in chronological detail, following up on the elements about the origin of man presented in the previous volume, Forgotten Genesis. The Etheric Crystal is full of fascinating information that opens the horizons of our knowledge and of our individual evolution.