A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science II

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A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science II

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.  257 pages, 1 photo

Table of contents

1. Forms and Principles
2. The Religion of Christ
3. The Idea of a Pan-World
4. The Cosmic Body
5. The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness
6. The New Jerusalem.


Man as conceived by Cosmic Intelligence is such that if he is to be fulfilled, he must connect himself with the light and power of the Higher World. If not, if he puts all his trust in his own limited faculties, he will be unable to see ahead and in his blindness he will make drastic errors in all domains. If he puts his faith in technology, trade and material development, sooner or later he willfail, for if his action is based on the desire to control the world regardless of the plan and purpose of Cosmic Intelligence it will stir up the psychic and physical layers of the atmosphere, and hostile forces will turn against him in their fury.The Age of Aquarius is now coming in and it will cause great upheavals and cataclysms all over the world, after which those who survive will have a better understanding of the Laws. The splendour and harmonious beauty of the new life that is in store for mankind surpasses the imagination. People who have been secretly working for the Kingdom of God will find each other and combine their new-found extraordinary powers to bring down the fortresses of ignorance, mate rialism and despotism. I tell you this now, and it will be as I say, for nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the Golden Age.

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