Prayers for Healing and Protection:

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Prayers for Healing and Protection: A Gift from God

by Shakuntala ModiM. D.

Paperback: 178 pages


Dr. Modi, a board certified psychiatrist, has used hypnotherapy in her practice for 35 years. Under hypnosis, many of her patients regressed to a past life or recalled having human, demon or alien spirits within them, or having soul fragmentation and soul loss as the source of their mental, emotional and physical symptoms. By resolving these issues, patients often feel relief from their symptoms, sometimes in just one or two sessions. The wisdom she has derived from these experiences is the subject of Prayers for Healing and Protection. This fascinating book is full of hope, energy and life. People will be drawn to it and want to share it with others. The descriptions are incredible and very easy to visualize, especially the descriptions of the Light and how it connects and illuminates everything. Prayers for Healing and Protection is a very powerful and healing book. Shakuntala Modi, M.D., is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Wheeling, West Virginia. She is a writer, speaker and trainer in the fields of psychiatry and hypnotherapy. She has published two books; Remarkable Healings, which describes a new theory for mental and physical illness and Memories of God & Creation, which is a compilation of peoples' memories of God and creation under hypnosis.