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No Brats Allowed!

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No Brats Allowed!

By Inge Paolini

Paperback: 286 pages


No Brats Allowed! gives parents the magical keys and magnifying glass to find that fine inner part of a child that is hidden within. Through a series of vignettes, we get to look into the child’s mind and see what they were and are thinking. These real-life stories will help adults to demystify and dive into the inner musings and the inner world of the child. They illuminate and demonstrate the depth and maturity of a child’s mind and the incredible insights that children have from the beginning.

This book offers just the beginning touches on parenthood and on what I hope will become for you an in-depth understanding of your child. Remember, the formula is simple: Remember how you felt as a kid and take into consideration that these little people are very aware and smart right out of the gate. The more you expect from your kids and the more they expect from themselves, keeping it realistic for their age, the greater and farther they will reach.

This is a journey of mutual respect, honesty and love. Capture each opportunity to express this and more, all while having fun as you accomplish this mighty mission.

  • Work together on this journey. No one can get there alone, so you might as well enjoy each other.
  • Never take your loved ones for granted. End each day with a hug and kiss full of love.
  • Listen to your heart and soul and you will know what to do. Remember, you are the parent.

Sit back, enjoy, laugh and cry with me and my families’ narration. Although I consider us to be a “normal” family, those that know us well might say that’s just a little off. Well, every family has its quirks. Read the book with the enjoyment of simple entertainment and day–to-day events portrayed, but with real tests and lessons learned to last a lifetime.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to raise a child, the secret formula is simple and you have just found one of the keys!


A truly honest and insightful book. A window into the responsibilities of parenting. A call to all parents to realize the amount of love, commitment, discipline, teaching and respect required for a well-adjusted child and person. The experiences shared in this book are a gentle reminder that if parents truly connect with their children instead of letting technology raise them, lives would be so much more fulfilling for all involved. Those who have lost their ability to discipline and do not realize how much their children are capable of will find this book an invaluable tool. If everybody read this book and acted on what this book contains we would truly have No Brats Allowed. Bravo! -- Carrie M.

Inge Paolini shoots straight from the hip, tells you like it is, explains higher law along with the mundane. No Brats Allowed is quick, witty, and to the point. She draws from her own childhood and from raising her three beautiful children. If you want honesty and guidance about raising children in a complicated world, check this book out today! -- Christina S.

What a delightful look at a woman’s joy in child rearing. Inge Paolini will engage and inspire you as she takes you on her journey to raise three children in our socially complex time. She brings the full range of human emotions and weaves these with her deep spiritual nature and practicality. Inge tells a story filled with her love of children along with her intuitive understanding of what it takes to raise children to become responsible adults. -- Wyvonne C.

This is a brilliant premise upon which to write a parental guide book! Unlike other parenting books that only recite from the parent’s view, Inge Paolini gives down-to-earth parenting advice that also includes quotes from her now-adult children as well as from her husband on how they were each affected by her particular parenting style. Its uniqueness is that it’s heartfelt and pragmatic! -- April H.

I love how everyone -- Inge, Marco and the kids -- share their own voice, words, remembrances and good humor. What a wonderful collection of stories and experiences. It’s a fabulous boon to all who have a chance to read this book and gain insights into parenting. -- Theresa M.


I finished reading No Brats Allowed! in one day. Talk about a page-turner! The book touched my heart and soul. This book is filled with the author's joy and life experiences in raising a family in this age. Detail to the memories that the author's family has shared in such down-to-earth stories will touch the hearts and enlighten all who read No Brats Allowed! This delightful book should be a textbook for all new mothers. No Brats Allowed! captures the essence of a practical and spiritual way to raise one's children so that they can happily, with confidence, navigate their way through today's challenging society. This is so needed today. I strongly recommend No Brats Allowed! for mothers who would like to experience the joys and happiness of raising their children without the downers of today's society. —Joseph Genito