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The SOLution: Laying the Foundation for a Solar Civilization

by Wayne H. Purdin

From time immemorial men have gazed upon the sun in awe and wonder. The initiates and masters of the Brotherhood of the Sun taught the people that the sun was but a reflection of the Spiritual Sun, the Great Spirit that created and sustains the material universe. The physical sun is a door that opens to this realm of the Solar Presence. By entering in, one becomes transformed through contact with the Source of power, wisdom and love.

In The SOLution e-book, Wayne H. Purdin teaches you how to contact this Source through Sun Yoga. Hear what modern science has to say about the healing properties of sunlight. Listen, as they take you on a journey to the distant past, to Atlantis, and follow the transmission of the mysteries of the sun from ancient Egypt and Babylonia, where true monotheism took root from the solar seeds planted by Akhenaton and Zarathustra; to the mystery school of Pythagoras at Crotona, Italy; to Israel where the Essenes passed the torch to the early Christians; and down through the Dark Ages as the mysteries were preserved by the Gnostics and secret societies.

Find out how amrita, the elixir of immortality, can be produced in the brain and the extraordinary effects it has on the body, mind and emotions. Is physical immortality impossible? You may have second thought after listening to the chapters on the Deathless Solar Body and the Alchemy of Transfiguration.


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