Life in the Shadows

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Life in the Shadows

by Mamade Kadreebux

Paperback 244 pages


From home in Mauritius to home wherever he found himself,  Mamade travelled with extraordinary optimism in humankind and the triumph of good over evil. He traveled the world hitchhiking, by walking, by train, by camel —by any means he could. This book is a manuscript of philosophy, adventure, and to some degree, mysticism.

A youth from humble birth, from a village by the sea leaves his island paradise to discover the world. Each step of the journey reveals a little bit of himself, of his soul and leads him deeper into the mysteries of life.

During the course of the journey the island comes back to him as a vision of a mysterious paradise. He hears the sea. He sees his friends. He finds solace in friendship. But there is no paradise without hell. So he learns to endure the hellish part of the journey, until a moment of greater mystery reveals to him the purpose of his travels.