I Am the Violet Tara

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I Am the Violet Tara: Goddess of Forgiveness and Freedom

By Peter Mt Shasta
Paperback 96 pages
At the request of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, the author brought forth these ancient meditation practices to help the present day Westerner achieve enlightenment and liberation. He gives instruction on the invocation of the Violet Tara, Goddess of Forgiveness and Freedom, to help bring those qualities into daily life. She is the embodiment of the Violet Flame, a quality that is hidden in the clear light that surrounds us, waiting to be called forth into action. These are some of the ancient meditation and tantric practices from Tibet and India that have not been available in in English, using modern terminology, until now. All those seeking a concise meditation practice that leads to liberation can find it in this small, yet highly charged book. It continues the teachings of the Ascended Masters as given to Peter Mt. Shasta, the author.

Concise and clear practices to understand you mind and achieve self-mastery. Here are ancient practices of Tibet given now in modern form under the guidance of Saint Germain. This is the quintessential text for attaining enlightenment in daily life.