Fiery World part 1

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Fiery World by the Agni Yoga Society

Paperback: 424 pages 


Ur is the root of the Light of Fire. From time immemorial this Radiant Principle has attracted the hearts of many peoples.
Thus, from the covenants of the past let us transport ourselves into future attainments.

When you are asked about the second part of Fiery World, answer, "It will be given immediately, provided you keep in mind the affirmed valediction on the long journey and preserve joy and the resolution to hasten in spirit." Meanwhile collect the new findings that science is offering and observe how they are utilized. Do not forget that Agni is nourished by joy and courage and endurance. Thus, let us follow the path of the fiery consciousness.

About the Agni Yoga Society:

The Agni Yoga Society is a non-profit educational institution founded in 1920 by Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena. The purpose of the Society is embodied in a philosophy that is a fusion of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought -a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. Agni Yoga is a path, not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism—but of practice in daily life. It affirms the existence of the Hierarchy of Light and the center of the Heart as the link with the Hierarchy and with distant worlds. Agni Yoga is a teaching that helps the discerning student to discover moral and spiritual guide-posts by which to learn to govern their life and thus contribute to the Common Good. For this reason Agni Yoga has been called a "living ethic." Speaking about the individual's role in human spiritual evolution, Helena Roerich wrote, "The greatest benefit that we can contribute consists in the broadening of consciousness, and the improvement and enrichment of our thinking, which, together with the purification of the heart, strengthens our emanations. And thus, raising our vibrations, we restore the health of all that surrounds us."