Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness

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Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness, How Ordinary People Prepare for Extra-Ordinary Events by Arlene R. Hoag

Softcover 244 pages


Do-It-Yourself Emergency Preparedness is a step-by-step guide to creating your own simple and effective emergency preparedness plan.

You will learn:

  • The first step to get you started within the next 24 hours


  • The five essential things to survive the most common emergencies

  • Effective ways to prepare even on a limited budget


  • How to deal with medical emergencies


  • How to handle the predictable emotional reactions from disasters


  • Six options for setting up your own power generation system


  • How to protect yourself against biological terrorism


Can you imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing you were prepared to handle almost any emergency situation. Not only could you help your own family but possibly others. By securing this book, you will have already begun your preparedness plans. After that, a small investment of your time and resources is all that is needed. Many of the things you need in an emergency you may already have. You just need to gather them up, organize them and keep them accessible. Thinking about these items ahead of time is the key.