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Consciousness, Creation, and Existence

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Consciousness, Creation, and Existence: A Guide to the Grand Adventure by Jed Schlackman

154 pages


This fascinating look at metaphysics and creative principles offers insights into how you can re-create your life in harmony with universal principles. Understand your life from a much more inspired, expansive perspective. Learn how to turn the challenges in your life into opportunities to learn, grow, and move beyond your subconscious limitations.

If you've explored "The Secret," learned the "law of attraction," and focused on the "power of now" and the "power of intention," you will enjoy the expanded insights and thorough explanation of these metaphysical principles and the creative context in which they are playing out. Reading this book will transform your consciousness. This book covers concepts such as duality and non-duality, synchronicity, reincarnation, karma, archetypes, the holographic universe, frequency and vibration, and much more. It examines the principles of attraction, intention, allowance, and balance, clarifying how these generate the life experiences we have that reflect and give feedback to each of us about the patterns in our consciousness.


The author presents a down to earth approach of examining these topics, sharing many personal experiences and observations to help the reader tangibly relate to these concepts. If you are ready to move forward in your life and find more appreciation and peace with yourself and the world around you, then this may be the book for you!