Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer

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Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer:

A Western Skeptic, An Eastern Master, And Life's Greatest Secrets

by Clint Rogers
Paperback, 332 pages

Discover Ancient Secrets that Can Change Your Life!
Join a skeptical university researcher from the USA as he travels to the Himalayas and uncovers secrets from an ancient healing lineage that began with Lord Buddha's physician.

For thousands of years, the greatest healers in the Himalayas have been refining a potent healing science for the treatment of physical ailments, psychological disorders and spiritual challenges. The most effective natural healing methods were recorded on ancient scrolls. Now, in this breakthrough, real-life account, many of these healing secrets are revealed by the author's encounters with legendary master healer Dr. Naram.

The secrets in this book can change your life forever.

Dr. Clint G. Rogers, PhD is a university researcher who had no time for 'alternative medicine.' As a skeptic of anything outside the realm of Western science, he encountered the ancient healing world of Dr. Naram with a disposition ready to discount and minimize whatever he witnessed. That was until modern medicine failed his own father, and Dr. Clint was left desperately searching for any solution to keep his father alive. Through his TEDx talk, which has reached millions, and this new breakthrough book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, Dr. Clint reveals how it was love for his father that pushed him beyond the barriers of what he thought was logical or possible, into a world in which 'healing miracles' are an everyday experience. As of the publication of this book, Dr. Clint spent over 10 years traveling with Dr. Naram, documenting the ancient secrets, and helping more people know they exist. In addition to this book and his TEDx talk, Dr. Clint designed and taught with Dr. Naram a university certification course in Berlin, Germany, for brilliant doctors from around the world, who wanted to learn and apply these ancient healing secrets. Dr. Clint is currently the CEO of Wisdom of the World Wellness, an organization of dreamers and doers seeking out the best wisdom on the planet so everyone can benefit. He is also a trustee of the Ancient Secrets Foundation, supporting humanitarian efforts which Dr. Naram loved. Dr. Clint is passionate about sharing this form of deeper healing. Although not everyone may choose it, at least they should know that they have a choice.