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Maitreya 16x20

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Picture of Maitreya

by John Paul Mathis


Known in Buddhist tradition as "The Coming Buddha," Maitreya is the one prophesied by Gautama to preside over a future age of enlightenment. He portrays the bodhisattvas' virtues of loving-kindness and virya (vigor) through his outpicturing of fearless compassion.

According to C.W. Leadbetter, student of the Mahatma, Kuthumi, during the early days of the Theosophical Society, the Rod of Power held by Maitreya in this portrait brings the energy of the highest beings of light into the earth as a blessing and harmonizing factor here.

Maitreya's name and special sound, known in Tibet as his "seed syllable," invoke fearless compassion and loving-kindness. In Tibet, this is the mantra they use to invoke the presence of Maitreya-Om Maitreya Maim.


print 16x20"