Divine Director - Wallet Cards - Delaney

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Great Divine Director by Lisa Delaney


- Wallet Cards

Available as packs of 10 or 100 cards
You may select 100 units in unit options for discounted rate


On June 13, 2016  Beloved Divine Director had this to say about these very special wallet cards "Now, blessed ones, if you secure that little wallet card with my image, and maybe have three or four—one in your wallet, one at your computer, one in your kitchen and one in your bedroom—and look upon that image and focus for fifty or more seconds, asking for divine direction when you are ready to make an important decision in your life, I will energize you to make the highest choice in that moment if you will accept my direction, whatever it may be, even seemingly while to your outer waking consciousness, in its message it may be that in a moment I will share with you, “Go to this park or in nature. Get out of the matrix and of the mold that you have accommodated yourself within.” And in that moment of being within the sacred space of the nature kingdom, then I can get through to your outer waking mind and give you the key in that moment for the victory of your soul and spirit before you make that important decision."


C9-3, SS-2-4