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Aquarian Elemental Alchemy Service - USB Thumb Drive

Over 2 hours of prayers and songs dedicated to the elementals, including 9 new recordings - an Elemental Rosary, a beautiful rendition of "In the Garden", and more!

Thumb drive brands may vary.

This USB drive contains 2.5 hours of MP3 audio files of recorded elemental prayers and songs from our Prayers and Songs page.

This product will be created on demand for you within a day of purchase. Your order will ship within 72 hours.

You'll be able to:

  • Play elemental music and prayers continually from your home computer (Internet connection not required).
  • Create playlists of your favorite elemental prayers and songs.
  • Import to your iPod or other on-the-go music player.
  • Plug-in to your computer to download MP3 files to your smartphone's internal memory.

As added benefits:

  • Prayers and Songs flash drives can be played on MP3 players or car stereos that have a USB input.
  • Offline audio playback emits less Electromagnetic radiation.


With your purchase of this USB flash drive you will be getting the most complete, up-to-date, prayers and songs library presently recorded in the Hearts Center database.

This is virtually an up-to-the-minute collection of files custom-created for you within hours of your order being processed.
 Take all Your Favorite Elemental Decrees on the Road!   Plug your thumb drive into your car stereo usb

Do you regularly play audio on the go? Are you ready to avail yourself of the many free or low-cost music player apps currently available for your android or iPhone? If so, this is where this USB flash drive really shines!

You will now have the ability to play elemental prayers and songs whenever and wherever you choose. You are in control because you can import all MP3 recordings to any of your preferred modern mobile devices. (Via download from your computer.)

In addition to the popular option of playback on your home computer, with this USB drive you can plug-and-play on your (USB-enabled) car stereo. Or you can load the collection into your smartphone or tablet internal memory. This allows you to take along elemental prayers and songs on your favorite battery powered device as well, freeing you to go totally off-the-grid with inspirational tunes and more.

Once you own this pre-loaded flash drive, you can export your personal selections into the Android/iPhone app of your choice to create:

  • Albums and playlists
  • Organize files into music and song categories
  • Plug in your earbuds for private listening even while out in the public
  • Ability to play audio without wifi or cell phone connection-No cell towers needed!
  • Play and listen in remote locations you never dreamed of going before!

No cloud access or wifi hotspot required. You don't even require a cell phone connection.

Now your favorite battery powered mobile device can be used to release divine music and prayer wherever you go. Order today!


You're free to travel lightly wherever you go.Flash drive plug n for mobile listening









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