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Aguije (Grateful)

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Aguije (Grateful)


A wonderful collection of original compositions inspired in the Paraguayan landscape. This soulful, gentle, soothing harp music inspires moments of inner tranquility. This recording includes accompaniments in cello by Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan, woodwinds by Mario Arroyo, percussion by Michael Bissonnette and keyboard by Tony Axtell.


Click on the underlined songs to listen to short music samples.


1. Aguije 3:12
2. Elian 4:10
3. Ten piedad 4:01
4. Vista del Cerro 3:49
5. Entre Ramas 2:06
6. In awe 4:45
7. Brotes 3:34
8. Eco final 7:46
9. Passing by 4:00
10. Adios 3:15
11. Entre Estrellas 3:15
12. Viejo romance 2:34
13. Noche de grillos 2:46
14. Dreaming 5:13


YouTube video of Nicolas Carter playing at Moliendo Cafe


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