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Aguije ("Grateful" in Guaraní)

A wonderful collection of original compositions inspired in the Paraguayan landscape. This soulful, gentle, soothing harp music inspires moments of inner tranquility. This recording includes accompaniments in cello by Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan, woodwinds by Mario Arroyo, percussion by Michael Bissonnette and keyboard by Tony Axtell.


Click on the underlined songs to listen to short music samples.


1. Aguije
2. Elian
3. Ten piedad
4. Vista del Cerro
5. Entre Ramos
6. In awe
7. Brotes
8. Eco final
9. Passing by
10. Adios
11. Entre Estrellas
12. Viejo romance
13. noche de grillos
14. Dreaming


YouTube video of Nicolas Carter playing at Moliendo Cafe



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