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A Meditation on the Holy City

A Mystical Experience with Jesus and Magda


This beautifully illustrated video meditation is guided by beloved Jesus and Magda, twin flames, who now reign in the etheric Holy City within the sun of our solar system. They escort you to sacred places teeming with light and radiance blazing from cosmic beings, angels, avatars, chohans, manus, elementals, and higher initiates. The City is alive, golden and dazzling, an iconic representation for all cities on Earth of their destiny to reflect the true culture of the Divine Mother. There are no burdens or sorrows here, only light, happiness, and ecstatic joy. Let the visionary images and descriptive impressions of boundless light reinvigorate and accelerate you. Enter into the pure unity field of Oneness. And shout your joy, “O God, How great thou art in manifestation throughout the cosmic spheres!”


Listen to Jesus' Discourse on the Holy City Meditation DVD


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Other Items In This Category

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