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Summer Event Scholarship Fund


The 2019 summer solstice Hearts Center conference in Livingston under the retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light is almost upon us. Beloved El Morya has arranged for David to be in seclusion for a number of important purposes, including working on publications and giving intense and fiery calls on planetary crises and other crucial spiritual matters.

At this point, it is not entirely clear whether the conference will occur as outlined in the program. Various assignments to the staff of The Hearts Center must first be fulfilled. And El Morya has asked for at least fifty-five disciples to attend in person.

El Morya requires you to make a choice for your voice to be heard in loving praise and thanksgiving and righteous prayers and songs of glory to support Beloved Saint Germain and Portia and the archangels who will come and deliver their fiery messages of divine love and hope to our planet.

Will you consider coming in person, blessed one? And if it is untenable for you to come in person because of health challenges or other dire circumstances, will you please consider making a generous contribution to our scholarship fund to assist someone else who would like to come yet who requires financial assistance?

El Morya assures us that if we can complete our assignments and fill our Sanctuary of the Heart within the Masonic Temple building that this just may be one of the most important conferences ever and a turning point in our short history for greater growth and heart-centered outreach through a number of our upcoming initiatives and publishing projects.

Thank you for your past support and attendance at numerous events. As a reminder, we know that 25% more divine light is available to each disciple when he/she attends in person because of the great radiation released in close proximity to the messenger and the ascended masters.

Please let us know by Friday, June 7th, if you are planning to come and if you require any assistance by emailing us


May God bless and keep you always,

David Christopher Lewis, co-founder and spiritual director of The Hearts Center Community






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