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Summer Soul Raising Abundance Campaign

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Thank You for Joining Our

Summer Soul Raising Abundance Campaign

Mother Mary is offering her abundant gifts and graces to all who give as she sponsors our campaign to raise $55,555.55 by August 18, 2017. We invite you to prayerfully consider how the Ascended Masters have gifted you with their teachings, blessings, graces and treasures and to explore in prayer what you feel your Presence is calling you to pledge to the Heart Center for this campaign, which goes beyond your regular giving and tithing.

Every dollar counts to support God’s work through our movement!

$20    $50    $100    $333    $500   $1000    $2000

Donate $333 or more and receive a $20 gift certificate to The Hearts Center store.


We invite you to join us in giving this call for your abundance and for the victory of the mission of the Hearts Center. This is the call our Soul Raising committee gives regularly for the abundance of The Hearts Center and all of our donors.


Soul-Raising Abundance Prayer


We receive the offerings of our donors with great thanks, gratitude and appreciation, and we call for their past, present and future giving to The Hearts Center to be multiplied  30-, 60-, 100-fold.

We call to beloved Fortuna, beloved Glory and Gloria, beloved Mother Mary, beloved El Morya, all the angels of abundance and the Lords of Nature and Gold to multiply the gifts of our donors by all possible dispensations, graces and boons, according to God's will.

We pray that all past, present and future donors to The Hearts Center be richly blessed. May all the teachings, ‘ahas, insights, realizations and transformations they require for the maximal raising of their souls be granted to them with all divine speed.

Additionally, we call to beloved Hercules and to Archangel Michael and his legions to protect the finances, health, souls and well-being of our donors and their families.

Let massive amounts of abundance flow into The Hearts Center now!

We imagine, believe and declare that The Hearts Center and every heartfriend are already living their full experience of prosperity; all are already supplied, fulfilled, and filled full.

We believe and declare that all members of our Soul Raising Team, directors of operations, and Council comprehend and have mastered the laws of abundance and divine money management. We are confidently and consistently engaging our Source, our Mighty I AM Presence, and receive everything we and The Hearts Center require in divine order.

We believe and declare that there is always more than enough money and time to accomplish the directives and requests of the masters.

We imagine, believe and declare that all of our heartfriends worldwide are already thriving.

We believe and declare that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. Therefore, all things are added unto us; all things are added unto The Hearts Center. I let myself be blessed. I give myself permission to have ease, grace and supply.

I AM, we are The Hearts Center's ever-expanding supply. (x3)





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