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MU 1709 Healing with the Medicine Buddha

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Meru University Course 1709

Healing with the Medicine Buddha


Venue: Broadcast Replay
Sponsor: The Medicine Buddha
Instructor: David C. Lewis
Course Syllabus: Download PDF









Many people are experiencing discomfort, pain and/or degenerative diseases within their bodies, minds and souls. The Medicine Buddha has the keys to alleviating all issues arising from any source, allowing devotees to access and resolve the core problems resulting in these conditions through what he calls Buddhic Mindfulness Magic. Join us in experiencing his unique take on healing and wholeness, and receive an impetus of light to help you overcome whatever is ailing you or keeping you from fulfilling your highest aspirations.

The Medicine Buddha is normally portrayed with deep blue skin, the color of lapis lazuli. He will use the spiritual essences within this sacred gemstone to reboot your life and to impel you forward on your Buddhic path of light. He will share teachings on the twelve vows he made upon attaining enlightenment and how these apply to us today to help relieve suffering of all sentient beings, beginning first with ourselves!

We will seek refuge in the Medicine Buddha’s serene auric field during this 3-hour class. We will experience his mirthful mind and compassionate heart as we receive his new revelatory teaching so important for today.



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Adult fee:     $33

Seniors over 80 years old are free or what you can afford: $0

Seniors on a fixed income: Pay what you can afford: $16 recommended


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Australia: $33

Europe: $31

Spain: $15

Mexico, Central and South America: $7

Africa: $4

India (South Asia): $1


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