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MU 1503 Higher Alchemy and Divine Abundance  Higher Alchemy & Divine Abundance
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Meru University Course 1503

Higher Alchemy and Divine Abundance for a New Era

With Saint Germain and Fortuna


A Golden-Crystal-Age Alchemical Event for Alchemists of the Spirit!
Do you desire to manifest a Golden-Crystal Age through active, practical spiritual living? Would you like to maintain an abundance consciousness in these times of uncertainty? Are you ready to learn accelerated practices to precipitate greater health, wealth, and vibrant relationships—practices that will allow you retain more of heaven’s light within your chakras?

Then this course is for you! Immerse yourself in the presence of Fortuna and Saint Germain and focused instruction on manifesting all you require that is in God’s plan for you.

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Course Registration Rates
Course Fee: $99 per person

International Prices
Australia $99
Europe $92
Central and South America $20
Africa (South Africia) $13
India (South Asia) $3

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