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MU 1502R: New Essene Teachings for Aquarius
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New Essene Teachings for Aquarius

Online Video Course


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Commune with Heavenly Experts on Aquarian Living 

During this course you will receive Essene* teachings that will help catapult you into the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius within your own being. Learn from Enoch the way to walk with God, from Jesus new understandings on divine communion, and from John the Beloved the meaning of a higher order of love. John the Baptist redefines the experience of divine baptism and Mother Mary shares what healing is meant to be in the Age of Aquarius.


The Alchemy of Joy

Saint Germain prepares us to co-create world transmutation through light hearts and joyful spirits, right in the midst of our opportunities and challenges. And Melchizedek shows us how the power of joy is the greatest accelerator of personal and planetary transformation.


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