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MU 1501R Jesus on the New Jerusalem
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Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age

Online Video Course


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The Equinox Encounter with the Master Jesus
Join us for hours of glorious communion and regeneration of your spirit at the feet of the Master Jesus! The event took place in historic Livingston, Montana from March 19-22, 2015. Surround yourself in the love of community and the masters that occurred during this life-altering event.

A Time of Intimate Communion with Jesus
Thursday evening’s video replay: After sharing on the topic of service and ministration to life, Jesus responds to questions. from his disciples.

Friday morning’s video replay: Padmasabmhava speaks on the practice of meditation and Clare de Lis escorts you to the etheric planes of the Holy City. Jesus offers a discourse and leads a community conversation on the path of enlightenment.

Friday evening’s video replay: Jesus speaks about applying spirituality in our daily day lives. Sharing occurs during an open forum on personal ideals, practices and daily productivity.

Mindful Meditation with Maitreya
Saturday morning’s video replay: Experience an hour of mindful meditation with Maitreya, followed by teachings on meditation from Jesus and Maitreya.

Springtime Renewal, Fresh Air and Fellowship!
Saturday afternoon’s video replay: Experience the sharing by David and community members about living on a permaculture property; communing with God in nature to bring about inner stillness and co-creativity; and metaphors from nature about our personal vocations.

A Special Sunday with Melchizedek

Sunday morning’s video replay: Our special Sunday service initiated the cycle of Melchizedek’s twelve Sunday discourses (link to) in preparation for upcoming summer solstice teachings on the Essenes. Receive the teachings from Serapis Bey and Mother Mary that prepare you for the unprecedented and life-altering message from Melchizedek, the greatest release of light to the planet in eons of time. The conference concludes with Melchizedek’s initiatic blessing of the crown chakras of those in attendance.


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