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Lady Fortuna 24kt 1 Gram Gold Bar

Item #: 3200-0-0130
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Lady Fortuna 24kt 1 Gram Gold Bar

Contains 1 gram (0.03215 oz) of .9999 fine Gold.
Obverse: Popular design of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune.
Reverse: Weight and purity, along with unique serial number.


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Fortuna Blesses the Fortuna Gold Bars (VIDEO)

"I, Fortuna, charge now these focuses with the essence of pure God consciousness that emanates from the Sun. And with my friend, the God of Gold, we embed within these frequencies of Solar awareness, an enlightened spirit of God-power and love infinite that those who hold them within their hands, upon their beings, or upon their altars may receive the impressions of that which the Great Central Sun emanates and etchings of the Spirit whereby they may be victorious in all things.

We include now a formula for perfect alchemy within these. And when these are utilized in any alchemical work, our awareness
shall be suffused within yours, blessed hearts. Our God consciousness activates through these formulas that which will allow your alchemies to be victorious and stimulated by the divine Word.

Let there be light! Therefore, let there be Solar light here within these foci! It is so by God's grace.

And within the power of the 99, there is infinity fulfilled beyond the 88 and that which is a precursor to the 100, symbolizing a glorious domain in three numbers of Alpha and double Omega.

This action is now complete. And this blessing will manifest even beyond these thirty-three here physically today that may be secured in the future should the need require more for heartfriends throughout the world. Amen."—Beloved Fortuna, August 30, 2015

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