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Internet Broadcast - 2018 San Diego: Saint Germain on Soul Freedom

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Internet Broadcast

The Hearts Center 2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil

Saint Germain on Soul Freedom and

Self-Realization for Aquarian Initiates

Feb.15-18, San Diego, California

With David Christopher Lewis


The Ascended Masters Offer an Aquarian Awareness of Soul Freedom
Join us via internet broadcast to experience compelling messages from Saint Germain and many ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis in San Diego this February. Join us on the first evening for a Hearts Center musical hour followed by a message from Kuthumi on preparing for the peaceable kingdom. On Friday and Saturday the theme will be soul freedom. Godfre will speak of God freedom, El Morya on the victory of freedom within, Saint Germain on freedom in action now and forever, and the Goddess of Freedom on standing in defense of our own eternal freedom. As an Aquarian initiate, take this opportunity to impact our entire planet as you are empowered, encouraged, and reminded of your reason for incarnating now. More information



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Flexible fee: $100 suggested, minimum $75
Seniors over 80 years old: Pay what you can afford

Seniors on a fixed income: Pay half price or what you can afford


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The Internet Broadcast—Almost like Being There

  • The masters are able to transmit much of their light and presence through the video broadcast.
  • Watch HeartStreams live!
  • Participate in rosaries, prayers, songs, guest presentations, clearances and blessings,
  • Enjoy improved technology.
  • Easily accessible, high quality live broadcasts and replays.
  • Broadcasts are available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android technologies.
  • Replays are DVR capable (rapid forward and rewind search).
  • Replays are posted within a few hours allowing people who are working or who live in other times zones to view replays at their convenience.
  • Chat with others during the live broadcast.
  • Participate via phone during darshans.

Testimonials from Previous Event Broadcasts

I feel like I have a closer relationship to the Holy Spirit and increased my appreciation of the gifts I have received. –N.F.

The presentations that David gave on each of the gifts of the Holy Spirit were very good. I appreciated them a lot. A highlight I think would be the healing meditation with Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael. Also, Cosmos' HeartStream. –L.H.

One highlight for me was when everyone had the chance to ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit that they desired.  –S.L.

I think that you all have done a marvelous job and that at this point in time with the advancement of technology, it is probably near the top. Please keep up the good work. –J.M.

So many change producing experiences were created through the HeartStreams and through the sharing moments that led to dynamic positive changes within my being. Thank you each and every one. Kudos to the camera department, beautiful scenes and videos, and to the technical department and the overall planning committee. Thanks for making the on-line experience so powerful. —C.G.

One of the highlights for me was during Friday ‘s  sword circling (Astrea session). I saw a vision of a pedestal with a sword held upright in an outer ring. The ring was turning so fast it looked like there were many swords and as I stepped into the center the swords were cutting away unwanted ties.  —Anonymous

There were many beautiful new teachings. The greatest gifts I do remember are the gifts that I received through a direct experiencing of a higher elevation, and a greater depth of my God-oneness.  My heart also became much more ablaze than previously. Now I wish to say that I am extremely grateful for the many special and truly permanent gifts that are continuing to work within me.  —C.D.


Refund policy: Your satisfaction with this Hearts Center-hosted event is our highest priority! Full refund requests for event registration must be made before February 12, 2018 at 5pm MT.



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