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In-Person Soul-Raising Sessions with David Lewis - 2018 San Diego: Saint Germain on Soul Freedom

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In-Person Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher

Lewis - 2018 San Diego: Saint Germain on Soul Freedom

Note - To guarantee you preferred day and time you must prepay with a credit card. If you schedule an appointment and choose to pay cash onsite (don't complete payment) your appointment may be taken by someone else who pays by credit card and we will have to reschedule you.


10-minute session: $72 USD
Mexico, Central and South America: $20 USD

20-minute session: $144 USD
Mexico, Central and South America: $36 USD

1-hour session: $333 USD
Mexico, Central and South America: $85 USD


Receive a Holy Spirit Soul Reading, an Aura Cleansing and a Wave Blessing!


Ordering Instructions

  • Choose your desired date and time from the drop-down menu above and click 'Add to Cart'.
  • Please see "Session Guidelines" below.
  • All times Pacific.
  • If you require help with your order, please call 312-253-7600 or email hcorderhelp@gmail.com

Session Guidelines

  • Sessions are 20 minutes long.
  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to give yourself time to check-in with David's assistant and prepare for your session with some prayer and meditation.
  • You may ask one and only one question during the session.
  • You may not ask about the identity of your twin flame, soul mates or what your divine plan is.
  • In order to give everyone a chance to receive a blessing we are asking that people not schedule two sessions during this event.
  • The Holy Spirit prefers that people not take notes during the session in order to remain completely present and focused on listening and experiencing the blessing.
  • You are encouraged to drink 1-2 glasses of pure water, preferably spring or purified water, after the session to help absorb and assimilate the light released and the action of any clearance that occurs.
  • Within 2-4 weeks an audio recording of your Soul Raising Session will be available for you to download or listen to from a link in the email you were sent with your order.

The Holy Spirit Overshines David to Bless You

       During the 2016 Summer Solstice, the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit, initiated a new cycle and dispensation of healing grace through The Hearts Center movement. He granted David the mantle of the divine physician.

       Through this new mantle, David will conduct Soul-Raising Sessions sponsored by the Holy Spirit. The tremendous power of the release of light through the agency of the Holy Spirit will afford you relief from ancient patterns and records lodged in the subtle fields and folds of your subconscious and unconscious mind and being. You will experience change, transformation and elevation.

       The divine spiritual grace flowing to you will be personal for you. The Holy Spirit will do what she desires in each session. Personal healings are not guaranteed, yet possibilities for healing may come through the Holy Spirit’s divine grace and comfort. By giving the Holy Spirit license to perform this alchemy with your soul, the wave patterns of light released through the agency of the Holy Spirit will be such that you will receive initiatic cycles of light.

David's Comments on Soul-Raising Sessions from July 20, 2016

"Sometimes the anointing, the blessing, the encouragement, the Soul Raising is facilitated in such a way that you can expand it and help others. That’s what I saw over and over again. It is not just about your own Soul Raising. You are raised up so that you can raise others up. And that is the magnanimous nature of each one of these blessings.

You are consecrated, accelerated, and invested with greater light and fields of divine joy and beingness. I see each person who goes through this as now being even more expressive of their true Self. You have a greater sense of your purpose and mission beyond what you may have humanly conceived you were capable of because God is great and God is great in you.

That’s the beauty of these sessions. It reconnects us to the sense of who we truly are as spiritual beings—yes, living in these veils of flesh—and yet still totally connected to God and one with God in our essence and having all these sacred abilities, resources that we can draw upon, and dynamics of alchemy that we can utilize in our work. It’s so important that you have these sessions.



"The blessing I received from the Ascended Masters through David Christopher Lewis at the LA Conscious Life expo was nothing less than stupendous. It was personal, poignant and gave direction for my life-mission as well as validation for previous work. I am very grateful to have received this message from heaven which was a tremendous gift to my soul. Thank you so much!"—C.B.


"Receiving a blessing at the San Mateo Expo Center by David was a profound experience.  I was happy to hear that Kwan Yin and Jesus were 2 of my guides.  I broke down and cried when I was told I could do long distant healing.  I never thought I have that ability.  Thank you David for bringing the Master's messages to heal our souls."—S.T.
"This was a cosmic experience, something I’ve never had in my life! I was taken right up to the throne of God and shown my diving purpose as a being. I tell you, this changes how you think about yourself! I still get chills when I think about everything I learned about my soul. I can’t tell you how life-changing it is and I encourage everyone to have a session." —C.B.

"I desire to witness that I had my Soul-changing experience with the Holy Spirit about a week ago and it just keeps evolving. I am grateful. All glory to God! It altered me. I encourage everyone to take the leap and give it a try." —L.D.

"Once you get the blessing, you will know that it’s not some random blessing that comes out of a hat. It’s really for you. It gives you such a feeling that the Holy Spirit really knows you. You know that everything about you, what you’ve been doing and what your real Self is, God knows, and this communion that you have is undeniably sincere and the truth." —N.B.

"It was a very impressive session that took place. There is a very special elemental who works closely with me and will bless all those who volunteer at the Healing Light Retreat. There is also a mysterious great divine being who has been with me for many eras and she is there to assist me." –M.G.

"Among other things, I was granted a talisman and an ability to bless and raise locations in the Earth and people, and groups of people. I feel that it is something that I will use. And I will continue to develop the ability to use it more efficaciously all the rest of my life. It’s like a life assignment and a grant in a more than ordinary way." —B.B.

What Question May I Ask?

       It is very important that you engage in deep introspection through meditation, silence, stillnesss and attunement to find a question that is essential to your soul. This is not about what you should be doing, where you should live, work, be with, etc. The question you ask, when addressed by the Holy Spirit, will provide an impetus and the divine stimuli for you to make greater progress on your spiritual path, your path as a disciple, a devotee, an initiate. In The Hearts Center community, we work on personal self-realization and enlightenment because we know we are initiates. We know we have to do the work and dig deeper. The more we attune to our Divine Presence, the more we receive instruction through intuition, the greater our sensitivity becomes, the greater the sacred gifts of the Holy Spirit may be endowed upon us and vouchsafed to us so that our lives may truly be sublime and we can live gloriously in oneness with God in our Divine Self. Formulate your question in this light.



How Do I Access the Audio Recording of My Session?

When you purchased your session you were sent an email with the subject line of:

"Instructions for Accessing Soul-Raising Session Recording"

This email contains a link to the audio recording of your session.


If you require help with your audio recording , please email SoulRaisingSessions@gmail.com or call 312-253-7600.





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