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Embodying the Virtues to Transform Ourselves and the World  - Online Course

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Embodying the Virtues to Transform Ourselves and the World

David Lewis and Claire Brown

Sponsor: Sanat Kumara

Course Description
What are the 144 virtues? What do the Ascended Masters say about the virtues and why they are important? This course will assist us in identifying and exploring the 144 virtues and how they relate to the 12 God-qualities on the cosmic clock. This course discusses how the virtues relate to the seven chakras. We will have the opportunity to discuss what the virtues mean to us personally - how we experience them, understand them, envision them, and live them. Learn how experiencing the virtues assists us on our path as initiates.

Each class focuses on one God-quality of the cosmic clock.

God-qualities on the cosmic clock and the virtues associated with them:
Class 1: Power—Precipitating God’s Divine Plan
Class 2:  Love—Energy of Forgiveness and Transmutation
Class 3: Mastery of the Emotional Plane
Class 4: Control of the Flow of Life
Class 5: Obedience to the Inner Blueprint
Class 6: Wisdom—Illumination of Our Oneness in God
Class 7: Harmony—Mastering the Flow in the Four Lower Bodies
Class 8: Gratitude—Affirming the Gifts and Graces of the Spirit
Class 9: Justice—Equal God-potential in Us All
Class 10: Reality—The Real Self as God-Beingness
Class 11: Vision—The Inner Vision and Creative Energies
Class 12: Victory—The Fulfillment of Being God-Free

 Excerpts of HeartStreams from Beloved Virtue through David C. Lewis

Virtue Is the Need of All Mankind—Be the Flaming Fire of Virtue, March 22, 2006

O mankind, rise in virtue. O mankind, we would welcome you to our octaves at night whereby you may learn more of how the naturalness of God in the fullness of the experience of living within the embrace of all of the virtues of heaven will win for you new opportunity to live a life—a bountiful life, a meaningful life and one graced with the flow of joy and expectancy where each new day is sought as an opportunity to express more of God through all of the virtues available to you from our realms.

Soulfulness Is a Virtue, October 30, 2010

Each virtue that you embrace consciously of the Divine One may become a permanent resident within your auric field as you meditate upon the various aspects of the differentiation of light within that virtue and attempt to breathe it in daily with great joy and even in spontaneous moments to be expressive of that childlike virtue unto others in playful and noble ways alike.

Recommended Reading

As we look at the universe around us, we see a rhythm to all of life. We discover that it governs both the spiritual and material universes. How can we apply this discovery to our everyday lives? This book shows how we can apply a system known as the Cosmic Clock to chart the cycles of our returning karma--and opportunities for spiritual growth. Includes 60 figures and illustrations, many in full color. Buy now
















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